At KGG we are real estate specialists dedicated to the creation of business opportunities. In every deal, we consider ourselves to be investment partners, so to that end we actively assess every aspect of the project in detail. We have forged a reputation as leaders in the real estate, design and project management industry in Bahrain. We have expanded our associations while continuing to pursue other projects to continue our contribution to the development of Bahrain.

We have considerable local and international project experience and expertise, and right from the start we practice transparency and bring a high attention to detail. It’s important to us to take an active role in fostering cooperation between all the involved parties on each project, as we have found that it’s the key to completing them on time and on budget.

We are used to working with luxury brands and operators, and our continuous focus on achieving excellence has served us well. We aim to improve the customer’s experience with each venture we undertake.

KGG can offer a full or partial service across the entire property development experience including:

  • Patented & Unique Concepts
  • Project Funding
  • Development Management
  • Design Management
  • Development Advice
  • Feasibility Studies & Project Appraisals
  • Project Audits

  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Project Monitoring
  • Project Organisation and Set Up Advice
  • Land or Property Sourcing
  • Employer Representative
  • Preparation of Project Briefs


We specialize in the delivery of complex, industry-leading projects, working within strict constraints on time and budget


We’ve assembled an expert team from various countries who bring a wealth of experience to all stages of high-end development. Their primary goal is the delivery of high-quality work in every project.


We foster a culture of collaboration when we manage projects, ensuring that all those involved work cohesively. We operate transparently and with a highly detailed focus. We foster a lively, enthusiastic working environment where all those involved feel empowered to contribute their skills.


We are professionals committed to bringing you excellent results within particularly tight deadlines. We have considerable knowledge of all the elements of the development value chain, and alongside our international procurement approach, we have the scope to deliver best value on every project for our clients.


Our team has well-established relationships with prominent industry players, both here in the Kingdom and abroad. These include consultants, contractors, designers, investors and suppliers. These connections have great benefits for projects reducing time-scales for negotiation or increase development opportunities while keeping costs down.