Kooheji Golden Gate’s story dates back to 1889, when the grandfather of the current Chairman, Mr Mahmood Al Kooheji first started sourcing building materials for the local property market. The family business specialized in processing Sea Rocks (Fasht) which at the time were renowned in construction as the strongest building material available. They lay the foundation on which we grew.

KGG is a forward-looking family real estate business, combining our history with a deep understanding of real estate and expertise in investment.

We provide high-quality services to discerning customers both locally and internationally, offering real estate development management, project management and bespoke consultancy services.

Kooheji Golden Gate (KGG) is a significant real estate company with diverse interests in a range of real estate services and is a member of a highly reputable Bahrain based group of companies.


Our vision is to deliver high-quality projects through innovative thinking and collaborative working.


At KGG our mission is to offer exceptional quality on every single project. We bring an eager and ambitious attitude along with a high degree of transparency. Our commitment to excellence means that we are reassuringly obsessive and place unwavering focus on attention to detail.


  • Ambition in our outlook
  • Innovation in our ideas
  • Transparent in our communication
  • Sustainability in our objectives
  • Vigour in our actions
  • Consistency in our approach
  • Balance in our judgement
  • Profitable in our projects
  • Quality in Everything


“It is my pleasure to introduce Kooheji Golden Gate. We are a high-reaching company with a distinct and energetic outlook, and in a dynamic country as diverse and ever-changing as Bahrain, these are essential qualities indeed.”

Mr. Ishaq Al Kooheji is a renowned Bahraini Business Veteran and Visionary Entrepreneur. An intelligent creativity with an acumen for a strong vision helped pave way for establishment of many businesses and restore others throughout his career.

His vast experiences magnitude lies across vast sectors of business, real estate, commodity trading, aviation and social services. His forte lies in his wisdom, humbleness, and tenacity in steering institutions and delivering success. He has been able to facilitate all his institutions to incorporate quality, trust, and transparency.

Under his strong leadership and extraordinary vision, KGG is committed towards driving revenues and creating wealth for all key stakeholders, business partners and society. Mr. Ishaq Kooheji has been awarded with many prestigious regional and international awards for his contributions.

Mr Ishaq Al Kooheji


It is our pride and honor to work closely under the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Ishaq al Kooheji. Since KGG’s inception, we have been privileged to witness some incredible changes in The Kingdom, and we look forward to playing our part as the tide of growth continues.

Against this backdrop of an evolving, more globally connected Kingdom, the industry has gone through similarly dramatic changes. It now demands constant innovation, and KGG has flourished in response.

Under the leadership and visionary guidance of His Majesty King Hamad Al Khalifa, Vision 2030 promises further transformation to Bahrain and its economy. We seek to rise to the challenges ahead and turn them into opportunities.

Mr Anas Al Kooheji